Zero Gravity & Zero Gravity Dance Label Imprints

In 2021, Aucourant Records formally launched the Zero Gravity label imprint with the release of eight genre-themed compilation discs of contemporary music including the works of numerous artists working in the ambient, electronic, and electroacoustic genres.

Three ambient discs are the foundation of the series, and include music ranging from beatless drift, to compositions that verge on modern electonica.  More energetic and edgy music comprises the three electronic discs, providing a glimpse into current trends of the dominant genres.  Cutting-edge electroacoustic (acousmatic) music with a decisive experimental edge is the focus of the remaining two volumes of the series.

In all, the first Zero Gravity compilation series provides a broad perspective on the exciting areas of moderism that characterize instrumental electronic muisc.  Furthermore, the series provides an introduction to numerous interesting composers who are perhaps lesser known today than they deserve to be.  This is a vast sonic landscape to discover and explore.

New compilation series are in the planning stages.  In addition, the Zero Gravity imprint is currently establishing collaborations with innovative artists for future solo recordings in various genres.

The first compilation series was the result of an open call for submissions and was curated from a large number of international submissions.

Artists featured on the three ambient discs of the first compilation series include: Lee Gorman, Stefano Gallone, Brannan Lane, Bruce Gall, David Hollandsworth, Richard Lisaj, Darren Rogers, Chris Medway, Stefano Gallone, Ben Mackerras, Fariq Yusoff, Carl C. Juarez, Igor Lezet, Kevin Wardle, Mark Scheper, Martin Braekau, Matic Mravljak, Michael David Ash Sharbaugh, Kevin Keller, Tim Wright, Mariana Sousa Aguiar, Paul Smith, Pete Swinton, Samuel Cadima, Andrew Scott Moore, James Andrew Todd, Jason Lamoreaux, and Eric Besse.

Artists featured on the three electronic discs include: Michael David Ash Sharbaugh, Michal Giczewski, Gerrit Johannes Vos, Chris Medway, Corvus Covina, Ricardo Acevedo, Geoff Keogh, Gregory Kyryluk, Massimo Teodorani, Mati Pirsztuk, Paul Fiction, Pepe Soler, Samuel Pineau, Nico Fox, Rüdiger Illg, Sam Bradbury, Jim Valero, Fernando Cerqueira, and Michael Peters.

The two electroacoustic discs in the series include the works of Adrien Landivier, Daniel Swilley, Stéphane Caviglioli, David Stout, Andy Roid, Massimo Davi, Monica Miuccio, Isak Anderssen, Jack Hertz, Ghislain Caya, Michael David Ash Sharbaugh, and Philip Mantione.

The eight recordings of the first Zero Gravity compilation project were formally released on July 9, 2021.

Eight compact discs comprise the Zero Gravity compilation project, a series that showcases ambient music, acousmatic electroacoustics, and modern electronica. Presenting new and lesser-known artists together with seasoned veterans, there is an astonishing wealth of creative expression and cutting-edge music here!

All eight recordings are available as digital download and as CD editions for purchase.

Zero Gravity Ambient Volume One

Zero Gravity Ambient Volume Two

Zero Gravity Ambient Volume Three

Zero Gravity Electronic Volume One

Zero Gravity Electronic Volume Two

Zero Gravity Electronic Volume Three

Zero Gravity Electroacoustic Volume One

Zero Gravity Electroacoustic Volume Two

In 2023 we are undertaking a similar set of genre-themed releases, and an OPEN CALL for artist submissions is now inviting interested artists to put their finest work forward for our curation of this next set of recordings. The submission deadline is March 1, 2023. The resulting recordings will be published later in 2023.

Interested artists may begin the submission process by sending an email to aandr @ for submission guidelines.