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RST, La Jolla, California, 1985

Aucourant Records was established as an independent record label in Hollywood, California in 1981, and originally as a cassette-only label very much on the grass roots level.  This was the outgrowth of the developing work of composer Robert Scott Thompson, and followed upon his first label, Zero Gravity, which he launched in 1976, when his work with experimental electronic music, sound design, and studio recording began to take off.

Aucourant Records has evolved significantly over the years, and has established a primary focus on several musical genres: ambient, electroacoustic (acousmatic), contemporary classical, electronic, and sound art.  As musical genres develop, shapeshift, and meld into new and evolving forms, so does our label emphasis. The artistic approach of our founder, one steeped in experimental music, cutting-edge approaches to sound and structure, and an aesthetic focus on artistic quality, technical refinement, and sonic beauty, remains a constant in all of our work and throughout our developing catalog of artists and releases.

Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, Aucourant Records continues to expand our catalog and is also branching out into new genre areas of EDM, IDM, and other innovative forms of new music.  In 2021, we launched two new label imprints – Zero Gravity, and Zero Gravity Dance – in support of these initiatives and as a nod to the first publishing efforts of RST.

This is the main website for information and direct sales from our catalog.  As an information hub, the site contains most all of our releases, related projects and artists, and periodically updated content and label news. This site contains links to streaming audio, information on our releases, releases from affiliated and collaborating artists and labels, some rare and hard to find recordings, and related materials.

artists and repertoire


It is essential to know the kind of music we are interested in before considering us.  We specialize in electroacoustic music, ambient music, experimental music, avant-garde contemporary music, electronica, and innovative popular music that is both adventurous and cutting-edge. If you think your work fits with our vision, you are encouraged to submit materials for our review and consideration.

We only accept demos in digital form from streaming sties such as YouTube, Soundcloud, BandCamp, etc. Please send a brief email with relevant links to aandr @ Please include full contact details within the body of the email, and keep your submission text brief yet informative.

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we can only respond to projects that interest us and fit well with our label orientation and current plans. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all of the unsolicited submissions we receive.

Please do not attach any media files to emails.  All received media files are automatically deleted and will not be reviewed.

We do not accept unsolicited materials by post. Please note that any unsolicited materials sent to us via post will not be reviewed or returned.

broadcast and review


Verified and established broadcasters, reviewers, podcasters, and bloggers may request download links, electronic press kits (EPK’s), and physical CDs of our releases.

All interested parties MUST email the label at

catalog @

to ensure that you are added to the promotions list for both current and future releases.

We also welcome inquiries concerning synchronization licensing and media collaborations. Our recordings are available for license, granting the right to synchronize a composition and/or master recording, as applicable, with a visual media project (film, advert, television program, media, etc.).

Please send a brief email to catalog @ outlining the nature of your specific use requests and include full contact details within the body of the email.






Our affiliated company, Aucourant Media Services, is an innovative custom music production and post-production group creating music and scoring elements for film, television, games, and emerging media.

Aucourant Media Services provides music composition (scoring), underscore, ambience, sound design, audio restoration, off-line audio editing, and sweetening.

We also provide high-quality and low-cost audio mixing and mastering services for recording artists, composers, podcasters, broadcasters, bloggers, game designers, music publishers, media companies, and record labels. This work ranges from full mastering for CD and vinyl release as well as mastering for online streaming.

Please visit the Aucourant Media Services website for more information or send an email to the address below.

Contact Aucourant Media Services

E-Mail: aucourant @