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Wind in Trees – Homage to Joji Yuasa – REMIX

Wind in Trees – Homage to Joji Yuasa – REMIX (1993) — Robert Scott Thompson — Electroacoustic Music

Wind In Trees was already an amazing piece in its original form, but remixed it opens up new and unexpected dimensions of excellence and thrilling moments I didn’t think were possible. Ever the conjurer of aural magic, this time the composer has taken a splendid piece of limitless imagination and broadened it to the point where this listener feels almost like vertigo…in a good sense, of course…finding pathways of sound leading to both beautiful and vaguely threatening fields of aural blossoms.

And it isn’t just, or so I imagine, a mere exercise in technical ingenuity, there are, I think, new arrangements and perhaps even added stuff, I couldn’t really say, that makes the piece seem almost completely new.

More simply put, this is one helluva version of an already grand composition, and anyone in the slightest interested in modern music, and its possibilities to create amazing inner landscapes in the listener, should check this out. And then the rest of Robert Scott Thompson’s output.

— Ulf Claesson


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