Wild Blossoms (1984) — Robert Scott Thompson — Electronic Music

In 1984, when these tracks were recorded – and in the very early days of MIDI and largely pre-digital times – only at the most elaborate of places – such as CARL/CME – was digital recording possible.  I was fortunate indeed to have access to such facilities.  These tracks, while recorded multitrack analog, were also mixed to digital two-track. However, digital editing and post-production was not possible.

Instruments: Synclavier, Roland TR-808, Sequential Circuits Drumtraks, Buchla-200e, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Yamaha DX-7, ARP-2600, Electric Guitar, Electric Cello, Electric Violin, treatments, analog processing, etc.

More archival recordings are being restored for online release – most recorded on very narrow tape formats such as this one.  As time and tools permit, these archival recordings are also sonically updated and new versions created.


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Robert Scott Thompson

Boustrophedon (Descender’s Mix)

Robert Scott Thompson

Dream Suspension

Robert Scott Thompson

From a Language of Light

Robert Scott Thompson

Green Flash

Teardrops and the Holding Pattern