Slieve Mish (2016) — Robert Scott Thompson — Long-form Ambient Music

RST pulls out all stops on this intriguing tribute to the mythical mountain in Northern Ireland. A calm and gentle journey with mesmerizing melodies holds you spellbound by the mythological Celtic princess who was famed for being, of all things… cruel. But there’s nothing cruel here, save the hypnotic hold the music has on the listener. Awesome!

— Brian Bourassa

Slieve Mish, also known as Slemish, holds a special significance to many, and also to me. This long-form ambient work honors Slieve Mish and the beauty and mystery of the place so close to where I grew up – beckoning in the distance across the fields.

The notion of the music is one continuous and delimited soundscape – like the resonance of a location, environment or sonic ecology. The work is intended for relatively low volume and continuous playback.

While the texture may seem rather static – from the surface detail of some of the materials of the work – it is actually constantly renewing in its unfolding over time.

— rst the townland of Carnstroan...

Slemish, historically called Slieve Mish, is a small mountain in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It lies a few miles east of Ballymena, in the townland of Carnstroan. Tradition holds that Saint Patrick, enslaved as a youth, was brought to this area and tended sheep herds on Slemish, and that during this time he found God.


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