Siren (Electroacoustic) (1998) — Robert Scott Thompson — Electroacoustic Music

Siren (1997)

Siren is a work which exists in three versions, and this concert version is the first of these; a multi-sectional, large-scale composition intended for live sound diffusion presentation. A second work was created from the materials of the original project for multiple compact disc players in an environmental installation context. Finally, a third “realization” recording was created from the installation work and presents the sound environment as one long continuous piece (Siren Ambient).

Fog Index (1998)

The title of this work refers to the technique of assessing the readability of text. Prose with a high fog index is difficult to read. The title gives rise to more poetic images as well, alluding to degrees of obscuration and revelation in the visual and auditory domains. Fog Index is probably best described as an acousmatic work – one in which the listener may well recognize the sound sources, say a voice, a bell, or piano, but recognize them outside of their usual contexts. In acousmatic music, the listener is provided an opportunity to construct his or her own contexts for the sounds and invent a world in which the sounds become music.

Wind in Trees (1992-3) ~ Homage to Joji Yuasa

This composition is an electroacoustic tone poem written as a gesture of respect and admiration for my mentor, Japanese composer Joji Yuasa. The title alludes to the perfection of musicality found in natural environmental sound, and how the mysterious and glorious sounds of the planet can inspire imaginative application of musical synthesis and sound processing for composing electroacoustic music. In this work there are no environmental sounds heard. Rather, the musical context is created by materials that are either purely synthetic or created from acoustic sources. The work is presented here in an alternate form from the original recording (as found on the CD Amorphia) that features different timbral and spatial attributes.


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