Orbital Lullaby (2011) — Craig Dongoski & Robert Scott Thompson — Electroacoustic Music

“…beguiling sound montages that provide a highly transporting seventy-five minute listening experience.”

Poised somewhere between ambient music and avant-garde acousmatics, Orbital Lullaby presents an enveloping and mezmerizing sonic montage of over 75 minutes. Highly immersive and hypnogogic listening from two acknowledged masters of sonic art.

Both based in Atlanta, Georgia: musician come sonic alchemist Robert Scott Thompson and multimedia artist Craig Dongoski combine their exploratory recording interests on this new release. Delivered via Robert Scott Thompson’s own Aucourant Records label, Orbital Lullaby is intended as a “highly immersive” listening experience. The music ventures afar off into the boundaries between avant-garde acousmatics and minimal ambience. Historically associated with musique concrète, acousmatics refers to a sound of unseen origin; without visual cues, a music to be heard apart from its source. Traditionally the compositional elements can equally be of musical instrumentation, vocal utterances or of found sound, processed noise or random acoustics. For some ‘acousmatic’ emphasises compositional style, for others it refers to a way of listening. The result here is an album of eleven intriguing tracks ranging from a little under two and a half minutes up to thirteen plus.

Orbital Lullaby is not an album for the sonically faint of heart; straying into remote musical/non-musical territory. Don’t expect melodic themes, beats or relaxing new-age style ambience. Instead open your mind to a series of beguiling sound montages that provide a highly transporting seventy-five minute listening experience.

— Morpheus Music


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