Deeper in the Dreamtime (1991) — Robert Scott Thompson — Electronic Music

25th Anniversary Re-master

...favorably compared to some of Peter Gabriel's work (Passion), Bill Nelson and Steve Roach...

14 tracks, over 70 minutes on Thompson’s debut release, Deeper In The Dreamtime contains pieces of orchestral new-age music interspersed with polyrhythmic pieces and some ambient works. This release has been favorably compared to some of Peter Gabriel’s work (Passion), Bill Nelson and Steve Roach, all valid comparisons.”

— CD Spectrum

...on a level that other pure instrumentalists aspire to attain...

Robert Scott Thompson released Deeper in the Dreamtime in 1991. This visionary new age soundscape ventured into territories that few in the genre had dared to risk. Few have dared to do so since. The complexities and intricacies of Thompson’s orchestrations place him on a level that other pure instrumentalists aspire to attain. Too few achieve it. Using synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and computer-generated sounds, treatments, and mixes, he created monumental walls of sound. Electric guitars, electric cellos, and electric flutes augment the soundscape and give the album its new age and symphonic textures. Thompson’s innovative techniques are still heard in many newer recordings. The foresight and daring are captivating. The sound is vibrant, fresh, and alive.

Program Note

DEEPER IN THE DREAMTIME, features 14 of innovative and unique music in the contemporary instrumental and ambient genres. At over 70 minutes in duration, the music found on this disc ranges from expansive orchestral textures to subtle ambient gems to upbeat polyrhythmic pieces. Broadcast in over 38 countries around the world, this disc has garnered positive critical response and an enthusiastic audience. Several tracks from DEEPER IN THE DREAMTIME have been featured in television commercials, video art works, and in the motion picture soundtrack for “A Conversation At Midnight.”

Connoisseurs of ambient, new-age, and contemporary popular music will find stylistic affinities with the music of Peter Garbriel, Brian Eno, Kate Bush, Steve Roach and Bill Nelson among others. DEEPER IN THE DREAMTIME also draws upon contemporary classical music influences, presenting a compelling synthesis of styles which is at once accessible and mysterious, ultramodern and ancient, making for scintillating and rewarding listening now and well into the future.


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