Cytizen (1984) — Robert Scott Thompson — Electronic Music early work of instrumental electronica...

Cytizen is an early work of instrumental electronica from the creative genius, Robert Scott Thompson. Robert recorded most of this set around 1982 and released it in 2000. (He put this collection of older material together for fans and for personal nostalgia.)

During that 18 year span, he has been at the forefront of the cutting edge of technological developments in electronic music. Given the avant-garde and experimental textures of this album, it is justifiable to credit him with the introduction – if not the invention – of some of the techniques. The tones and echoes of this music, almost ancient by new millennium standards, are still heard in many of today’s modern digital recordings.”

— Jim Brenholts

“Pardon my Echoplex!”

“Pardon my Echoplex!”

The dreamscape musings of a twenty-something during his “stochastic guitar” period.

Recorded from 1981 to 1984 on a variety of slow-speed, narrow-format analog tape recorders (4 and 8 channel) and mixed on a “console” (don’t ask), these instrumental tracks were composed at the dawn of the MIDI era (very primitivo), when digital editing was merely a “twinkle in the eye” of the artist.

All editing was done on the multi-track during these “punch-happy-spot-erasing” days and MIDI sequencing was too primitive to be fully useful. Computer generated sounds do appear however, created at the Computer Audio Research Laboratory of the Center for Music Experiment in La Jolla, California.

These recordings were originally released on cassette only (the CD had not yet been commercially introduced of course) – and are newly presented here for people interested in collecting RST’s early work.


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