Aether (1998) — Robert Scott Thompson — Electronic Music

Best Progressive Instrumental Album of 1998 — Wind and Wire

A collection of beautiful electronica, Aether was awarded “Best Progressive Instrumental Album of 1998” (the same year Robert was honored for the ambient masterpiece, Frontier) by Wind and Wire Magazine.

Many reviewers, not knowing which stylistic box to put this imaginative recording into, have labeled it New Age. Yet, this is not typical New Age music in the slightest. Aether has more of an affinity to other genres such as experimental, electronic pop, electronica and classical music.

...innovative and compelling music...

A uniquely individual disc including some of Thompson’s most innovative and compelling music. Robert has always been a risk taker, willing to push the limits and defy convention. This album does all of that and then some.

— Jim Brenholts

...blends contemporary pop and alternative styles with ambient and avant-garde music sensibilities...

The music, while entirely instrumental, blends contemporary pop and alternative styles with ambient and avant-garde music sensibilities. Aether presents instrumental music very much in keeping with the style of avant-garde pop/vocal music that can be found on some of Thompson’s other recordings such as “Kissing the Emptiness.”

Fans of Bowie, Bryan Ferry, Dead Can Dance, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, and similar artists will find much to admire on this disc. The music ranges from the neo-Gothic polyrhythmic “Evening Star” to the crisp electronica of “Atmosphere” to the sublime melodies of “Antrim.” Aether will find a significant place among the new-age, ambient and contemporary instrumental CDs of note.


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