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September 2016

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JUNE 2012

SOLACE ~ by Robert Scott Thompson, a five hour and forty minute work, is presented together with other related works including the original forty-minute version of Solace, Elegies and Epiphanies and Night Singers in Distant Array.  Presented on CD-ROM.

MARCH 2012

Play is the Supreme Bricoleur of Frail Transient Constructions ~ Five works of electroacoustic music by Robert Scott Thompson. Features Yochanan Sebastian Winston (bass flute sources) amd Stuart Gerber (percussion sources) and includes Engraved in Freehand. All works were composed in 2012.


FOLIO Volume Two ~ The second disc in the series by Robert Scott Thompson features Jan Baker (saxophone), Ken Long (bass clarinet) and Stuart Gerber (percussion) and includes Liminality - Homage to Iannis Xenakis. All works were composed in 2011.

FOLIO Volume One ~ A new collection of miscellaneous short works by Robert Scott Thompson.  Including Escape Velocities for solo flute (2011), performed by John Fonnville and the acousmatic work Fae Oot O Killyglen (2010).


Orbital Lullaby ~ The latest collaboration between Craig Dongoski and Robert Scott Thompson - Oribtal Lullaby transits a musical realm spanning avant-garde acousmatics to ambient music.  Evocative and highly immersive listening.

Drawing Voices ~ Innovative sonic art from Craig Dongoski culled from his large-scale project Drawing Voices and featuring elegantly processed found sounds together with drawing sounds, synthetics, shortwave and oddities.

JULY 2010

Elemental ~ Four electroacoustic works composed by Robert Scott Thompson in 2009 and 2010. The disc features Out of the Vivid Air, Waters of Cabeus (A), Shinrin-yoku, and Embers..

Vivid Air ~ Works for instruments and electroacoustics by Robert Scott Thompson. Features the long-form work for solo percussion and electroacoustics as the title track.

APRIL 2010

Living Planet ~ Ambient Shamanic Space music with a slight tribal/techno edge by Dan Pound.


Delicate Balance ~ the new recording by internationally renowned clarinetist F. Gerard Errante.  Featuring works by, Alex Shapiro, Peter Terry, Robert Scott Thompson, Jane Brockman, Joseph Harchanko, Robert Mackay, McGregor Boyle, Judith Shatin, Douglas Quin, and D. Gause.

a/break machinations by David Morneau fractures, re-sequences, and otherwise manipulates a single drum break, touching on several of electronic music's finest traditions, such as drum'n'bass, breakcore, trip-hop and jungle.

Dane Rudhyar ~ Four Pentagrams, Paeans, Granites - the major works for piano, performed by Ron Squibbs.  Essential music from one of the ultramoderns.


Zuvuya ~ Circle of Life ~ the third CD in a series on spirituality and human transformation" called 2012 Stories. These tracks explore the connectedness of all things and the circular pattern around which life oscillates. Paul Rudy

Grønland ~ Stunning experimental ambient music from O'Leary - Passborg - Riis

JUNE 2009

Gold Flowers Bloom Mercury Petals ~ 12 tracks of beautiful ambience in the classical tradition by Robert Scott Thompson.

Mantra ~ long-form ambient bliss by Robert Scott Thompson.

MAY 2009

Tracks Across the Universe - Volume One ~ a compilation by various artists created to accompany the book by Jim Brenholts.

Tracks Across the Universe - Volume Two ~ a compilation by various artists created to accompany the book by Jim Brenholts.

Tracks Across the Universe - Volume Three ~ a compilation by various artists created to accompany the book by Jim Brenholts.

Motets for Michelangelo ~ an electroacoustic tribute to Antonioni by Robert Scott Thompson.

Coming soon in 2016: newly mastered re-releases of recordings by Matthew Harris, including his beautiful ablum Blind Cinema, now published by Aucourant Records. Also soon to arrive online are several titles by Numina, new Aucourant Records releases and various titles from the Pogus label.

FREE MP3 recordings for downloading are HERE.

There are also some interesting things - rarities, tracks, out-takes - at SoundCloud!

Many recordings stream at Bandcamp and be purchased for download there.


At the Still Point of the Turning World At the Still Point of the Turning World
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The Silent Shore The Silent Shore
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Solace Solace
Solace is a work created using sound analysis and re-synthesis techniques. The source materials are from the alto saxophone performance of Dr. Jan Berry Baker.
Acousma (2CD Set) Acousma (2CD Set)
What does ‘acousma’ mean? It refers to a form of auditory hallucination, the sensation of hearing imaginary sounds. Robert Scott Thompson writes, “Sound...more
Folio - Volume One Folio - Volume One
The Folio series features various miscellaneous compositions that develop out of my general practice. These works are the result of explorations into the modeling ...more

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