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CATALOG > Zuvuya ~ Circle of Life

Paul Rudy
Zuvuya ~ Circle of Life
Total Time: 63:45
Record Label: Twisted Trail Music
UPC: 859701660156
Type: CD
Released: 2009


Zuvuya, Mayan which literally means "circuit by which all things return to themselves," is the third CD in a series on spirituality and human transformation" called 2012 Stories. These tracks explore the connectedness of all things and the circular pattern around which life oscillates. The structure and expression here is inspired by my young yoga practice and the exploration of breath and energy internally and externally. Prana...a physical portal into the Dimension dances of our smallest particles from Electron clouds to quantum foam...sparks more dancing in purple dream rain-a spiritual engaging of body, mind and spirit into Qi where physical matter transforms into energy. As humans come closer to the brink of disaster while at the same time begin to evolve beyond the thought patterns that create this disaster, Probability gaps give way to possibility spans and empty windowless frames transform to Frameless windows revealing vistas unbound by physical limitations. Secret chronicles of time hint towards infinity where doorways in space (and time) spiral around each other. All points from Oak knowledge, wisdom lost but not forgotten to Encomium's halo of light and thought energy, lead to and from, in and out of, and circle around a center of Yaxkin: a source-less source and place of renewal...a beginning and an ending...a timeless space of life and death...renewal and rest...age and youth...the here and now and the circle is complete.

Zuvuya was commissioned by the Centro de Musica Mexicana e Arte Sonora, and composed there in the spring of 2009. Special thanks to Rodrigo Sigal and the staff at CMMAS; to Jen and Chris at Boulevard Yoga and Healing Arts in Kansas City, for their amazing prayer bowl; to April Watson for the "elevator walk" in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art; to Joaquin for having so much fun in the tub; to Bob for snoring so perfectly and Charliegh for playing tug with the tape running; to Kim and Michele for helping me stay connected during my time away from home; to Javier Ballestros for the beautiful ocarina used in track 9, and all the wonderful street musicians in Morelia and Mexico City.

Zuvuya is dedicated to my mother Ruth and father Carl, and my brother Jon and Sister Evelyn who have been with me in this circle of life from the get go, and to their spouses Carolyn and Tracy and Children Solomon, David, Spencer and Jackie who have expanded the circle beyond measure.


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