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CATALOG > Grønland

O'Leary - Passborg - Riis
Total Time: 60:28
Record Label: Aucourant Records
Catalog Number: AUREC 0907
UPC: 649783090725
Type: CD
Released: 2009


Grønland has always intrigued Mark O'Leary, the vast and enchanting arctic tundra has for many years captured his imagination.

Its minimal ice terrain, fjords, creative urban spaces, northern light, abundance of nature juxtaposed with a colourful cultural fabric have been a source of curiosity and inspiration.

Given its historic relationship with Denmark, when Mark had the opportunity to record with drummer Stefan Pasborg and electronic artist Jakob Riis in Copenhagen Grønland would be the sonic subject matter.

The song titles point to many of the strong visual, historic and cultural images of Grønland.

Sirius Patrol, the brave, fearless Danish Navy Unit that patrol and protect the North-East with their beloved canines.

Inuit, the highly cultured indigenous people that inhabit the terrain, are one of the most resourceful, innovative and skilled races on earth.

Aurora, After Dawn, and Moving towards the Light all allude to the special light that emanates from the region and its strategic importance during the Cold War and its vital environmental importance to the new world.

Finally Nuuk, the capital of Grønland and one of the most unique cities on earth with its kaleidoscope of urban landscape, Nordic influenced, but totally unique.

The music endeavoured to encapsulate all of the above essences. It allowed for the spontaneous energy of the band to contour the conceptual terrain and develop into atmospheric soundscapes projecting an expressive dynamic minimalism that ebbs and flows very much like the cinematographic experience espoused by Andrej Tarkowski, juxtaposed with a micro-textural ambience coming straight from the heart of Ligeti in a post-industrial mantle.

The music is very much alive, the central core of the project was recorded in Copenhagen, with treatments added later in Cork by O'Leary and mix engineer Donncha Moynihan.


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