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CATALOG > Shadow Gazing

Robert Scott Thompson
Shadow Gazing
Total Time: 72:54
Record Label: Aucourant Records
Catalog Number: AUREC 9401
UPC: 649783940129
Type: CD
Released: 1994


SHADOW GAZING wonderfully expresses the capacities and techniques of state of the art computer music composition. These works add significantly to the growing body of computer music literature and present a unique approach to the development of sound composition technique. This music has been heard around the world in broadcast and in concert presentation. Some of these compositions have received international awards and significant critical accolades.

While SHADOW GAZING is best classified as contemporary classical music, lovers of new-age, ambient and alternative instrumental music will find much to their liking here. The beautiful title track, for example, is best described as ambient music, while the award-winning RuST dazzles with never before heard timbres and textures. Listeners interested in new electronica will want to add this CD to their collections. Computer music is a genre which is now beginning to garner a substantial following of sophisticated and passionate listeners and SHADOW GAZING will surely appeal to this audience.


“This is expressive music, and anyone who likes computer music will want to hear it. Anybody who thinks they know computer music and doesn't like it, should hear it.”

- American Record Guide

"Shadow Gazing involves some of the most original and advanced computer music produced to date.”

 - CD Spectrum


“The sounds Robert Scott Thompson creates for his computer music have a tactile feeling that is usually missing from digitally synthesized sound. (All pieces)...have something to say, something new for the ear. ...the effect can be haunting, as if we are hearing ghostly echoes of somthing lost. This is expressive music, and anyone who likes computer music will want to hear it. Anybody who thinks they know computer music and doesn’t like it, should hear it.”

– American Record Guide

Shadow Gazing takes the listener through seven distinct journeys in sound. Thompson's work encompasses many aspects of composition from algorithmic strategies to acousmatic soundscapes. Overall, the most satisfying of the works are those which involve long, flowing sections of ebbing dynamics and densities such as the title track and RuST. Although this CD represents music composed between 1988 and 1994, a common thread of quality is present throughout.

– Chris Meloche

A 7-track, 72-minute suite of computer music composed by ambient musician extraordinaire Robert Scott Thompson. Shadow Gazing was recorded over an 8 year period and involves some of the most original and advanced computer music produced to date. This release sounds warm, unlike many other computer-music releases which sound as though no human involvement was part of the project. Recommended for fans of  ambient, electronica and computer music worldwide.

– CD Spectrum 



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